Covid-19 Discount

“We’re not doing discounts of any kind anymore.”

That’s what I told my team last year when I still used to offer a $100 discount for my course periodically during launches.

Then, this c19 bomb happened.

The world fell apart. Nobody knows what’s going on. There is no plan.

And I got a lot of emails from people asking if there was a covid-19 coupon.

After giving it a brief thought, I decided to do a discount temporarily.

For a limited time for this pandemic, there is a $200 discount. Never before have I done a $200 discount. This is as low as it’s ever going to get.

I haven’t decided how long to run this for yet, and it is subject to change based on how the upcoming weeks and months look.

And even though this is a bad time for all of us, panicking and freezing won’t do anybody any good.

In fact, for aspiring developers and existing developers looking to grow, this is the perfect time to sit at home and put in the silent grind.

Hope the $200 discount helps you make your decision easier.

Stay safe. ❤️